High Cholesterol in Children

High Cholesterol in Children

Concern about high cholesterol at a young age focuses on the possibility of maintaining high throughout adult life and thereby increase cardiovascular risk. Until recently some chronic diseases like diabetes or hypertension were diagnosed only in adults. However, in recent years, doctors have also begun to diagnose in children and adolescents and apparently has become a trend that is increasing.

Similarly the alterations of lipids, mainly cholesterol, is not something only adults, because the cases are increasing among children and adolescents.

How cholesterol affects children?

Although children do not suffer heart attacks, concerns about high cholesterol at a young age focuses on the possibility of maintaining high throughout adult life and thereby increase cardiovascular risk, but there is no evidence in this regard so far.

Experts say there is no justification for indiscriminately to children with high cholesterol, and less to treat them as this would only cause anxiety and unnecessary expense. Yes instead recommend, analysis of cholesterol measurement for children with special risk, which includes those who meet at least one of the following conditions: High cholesterol in children

a) Family history of high cholesterol
b) One of the parents have cholesterol above 240 mg/dl
c) If the parents or grandparents had heart infarction, anginpectoris a or obstruction of cerebral vessels before age 55
d) Children with chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypothyroidism, or kidney disease
e) Children who are overweight to obesity
f) Children with multiple risk factors: significant excess weight, lack of exercise and adolescent smokers.

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