Effect of Curcuma as a Drugs is Exist

Research  has shown that the effect of curcuma as a drugs exists.

India turmeric is used traditionally to treat wounds and scratches. In 1995, however in a U.S. patent awarded to the University of Mississippi on a wound means based on turmeric. The following year the patent was challenged by the Indian Council of Scientific & Industrial Research and withdrawn. The reason was not the age-old custom, but the fact that such use was previously described in a scientific journal.

Turmeric is used not only to Asian rice to color them, but is also supposed to work as a medicine against various diseases, including thrombosis and brain disorders including Alzheimers and Parkinson .

Research at Rhodes University in South Africa does have the effect of the herb confirmed the binding of heavy metals. Sheril Daniel did research on curcumin, one of the three anti-inflammatory substances that are in turmeric prevented. He noted in rats that curcumin protects the brain from damage by cyanide, lead and cadmium. The dust particle binds to these toxic compounds before they cause damage in the brains. Daniel thinks that the frequent use of turmeric in Indian dishes Alzheimer largely absent in India.

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