Correlation Between High Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables and Low Incidence of Disease.

In all studies found a high correlation between high consumption of fruits and vegetables and low incidence of disease.

A good habit is to start the day with fruit in natural juice or in part. The water, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes and fiber that contains the fruit helps to hydrate, purify and revitalize your body. Are low in calories and no cholesterol. All fruits and vegetables we consume are few.

Fruits have the advantage of being eaten raw, so taking advantage of all its nutrients. Its high content of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and nutrients such as bio flavonoids help regulate the immune system. They have detoxifying properties: stimulates liver and kidney function and helps improve intestinal laziness due to its fiber content.

The energy value of fruit is generally very low, due to its high water content (80-90%). They provide about 50 calories per 100 grams, which are derived mainly from complex carbohydrates, mostly in the form of fructose. Its concentration increases as more mature fruit. They contain trace amounts of unsaturated fats that are always and have no cholesterol, except the coconut which has a large amount of saturated fat.

The banana has a caloric value of about 85 calories per 100 grams. and contains carbohydrates, mainly as sucrose, so it is not recommended for diabetics.

The sour taste of fruit is another feature. It is due to a number of organic acids that are essential nutrients for our body and in fruits. In citrus, we find citric acid, malic acid in apples, plums, tomatoes and tartaric acid in grapes. None of these acids is detrimental to the organism was not harmful to the stomach, since it does not reach the acidity of gastric juice.

programs to improve consumption of fruits and vegetables-

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programs to improve consumption of fruits and vegetables-

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