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Papaya Leaf Nutrient

Although grown to some extent in south Florida, the true papaw is not related to the North American papaw.
The fruits, leaves and latex are all used medicinally. The fruit is usually pear-sized and has a central cavity filled with edible, pea-sized seed, Which are said to have a similar flavor as capers. Papaya Leaves are [...]

High Cholesterol in Children

Concern about high cholesterol at a young age focuses on the possibility of maintaining high throughout adult life and thereby increase cardiovascular risk. Until recently some chronic diseases like diabetes or hypertension were diagnosed only in adults. However, in recent years, doctors have also begun to diagnose in children and adolescents and apparently has [...]

Wine| a Fighter Against Cholesterol

We serve a small glass of wine for lunch, and just when you lie in the back of the chair to savor, you see it (your girlfriend, your wife, your partner, whatever), with eyes half-closed , head down, looking with greater expression of disapproval. A recent study conducted at the Faculty of Medicine, University of [...]


Most children do not eat two servings of vegetables every day to and makes them even more uphill eat salad every day.

Vegetables all year round. Resort to frozen or canned vegetables when it is difficult to get them in season. Should be consumed daily.

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Healthy Eating

Fruits and Vegetables
Why is it important to consume fruits and vegetables daily?
The latest national survey on eating habits in childhood and adolescence (Study enKid, 1998-2000), in which more than 3,500 people between 2 and 24 years of age, shows something that is new, although its significance: the fruit and vegetable consumption among children and adolescents [...]

Most Phytonutrients Overlap and Complement Each Other

Plant Nutrients, derived from the Greek word phyto (plant) and nutrient (a food component needed for normal physiological functioning) also called phytochemicals are natural, bioactive components found in plant foods. Fruits and vegetables rich in phytonutrients include the mangosteen fruit, papaya and spinach.
Most phytonutrients overlap and complement each other. Short work certain phytonutrients [...]

Foods Containing Vitamin A C, and Disruption Due to Lack of Vitamin C

The richest in vitamin C | mg. per 100 grams.

Strawberry, raspberry, strawberry | 60 mg
Orange, grapefruit, lemons | 40 to 50 mg
Melon | 25 mg
Pina | 20 mg
Apricot, peach, banana | 7 to 10 mg
Apples | 10 mg Reduced the defenses, premature aging, weakness, anemia, bleeding, bleeding gums, aching joints, blood vessel disorders, irritability, prone [...]

Correlation Between High Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables and Low Incidence of Disease.

In all studies found a high correlation between high consumption of fruits and vegetables and low incidence of disease.
A good habit is to start the day with fruit in natural juice or in part. The water, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes and fiber that contains the fruit helps to hydrate, purify and revitalize your body. Are [...]

Antioxidant Vitamins

The antioxidant power of vitamins E and C, as other substances that give color and flavor to fruits and vegetables such as flavonoids, polyphenols, carotenoids, carotenes (the latter two are converted in the body in provitamin A) have demonstrated a important role in preventing cardiovascular disease, cancer and aging.
Today we know that the aging process [...]

Avoiding Constipation

Take daily vegetables (preferably raw), fruit with skin (if possible), vegetables and wholemeal bread. This diet is rich in fiber and helps retain water, so that stools are more fluid.
Drink plenty of fluids, at least 1.5 liters (8 glasses) a day. Fluids can include water, juice, soup, tea and other beverages.
Eat slowly and chew food. [...]

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